Let's Get It

Offerings include, One-on-One Personal Training (45 min sessions), Weight Loss Programming,  Group Training/Classes, Virtual Program Training, Nutrition Coaching (includes cleansing of the body programs)  and Life Coaching.  Techniques used for fitness:  Combinations of Calisthenics, Pilates, Barre, Strength Training and Cardio.  

About Aja

Born in New Haven, CT as a biracial Girl to amazing parents and a large family.   Her father always taught her  to love herself and thrive  for greatness and her mother taught her about strength, independence and work ethic! Watching her father live out his dream as this amazing singer always kept hope in her heart and showed her should be able to live out her dreams as well.   Seeing her mother hold herself up with class, beauty and fitness is what she grew up to know and emulate. 


During the course of her life, Aja has overcome many challenges and hardships.  Being able to come out of it with the understanding that working on yourself and learning how to love yourself takes work.   When she turned 36 she realized the job she was in was toxic. Aja became depressed, gained a ton of health concerns and suffered from full insomnia!  Throwing herself into changing bad habits by seeing a life coach, therapist, getting in the gym and eating healthier showed Aja not only could she save herself but help others to do the same! 

Now as a 42  year old woman, mom and wife, she lives out her journey with the happiest, and healthiest intentions. Her journey has led her to become not only a dance choreographer (living out her first dream) but becoming a Fitness, Nutrition and LIfe coach!   Aja sets the example for how adopting a healthy diet, changing hindering habits, and living an  active lifestyle can change individual lives mentally, physically, and spiritually.